Critical Resource Optimization

• HR strategy development and full-spectrum talent management -from recruiting to training to succession support.
• Development of accounting systems, financial reporting templates, and dashboards for optimized management reporting


Reduced Finance and HR overheads

a.k.a. Making The Most Of What You Have

Organizational Design And Implementation 

• Creation and standardization of job roles, business processes, and formal reporting relationships necessary to conceive, create and convey results
• Standardizing, communicating, and documenting business procedures and policies to guide organizational activities


  • Effectiveness and Accountability of management & staff
  • Sustainability of business activities and results
  • Efficient deployment

a.k.a. Getting Your David Ready For Goliath

Planning and Performance Management 

• Supporting entrepreneurs to define, implement and roll out their business plans.
• Deploy methods to measure and monitor the organization’s progress against set targets
• Measuring and rating individuals’ performances
• Designing and Implementing incentive and reprove strategies


  • Financial gains
  • An effective and motivated workforce
  • Improved management control

a.k.a. Getting Your People To Do The Right Thing At The Right Time

Business Advisory and Presentation

Brainstorming partner for business owners on new ideas, visions, operational and strategic challenges including the
• Development of Business Models
• Development of Financial Models
• Preparation of Investment Memoranda and the structuring of investments


Enjoy professional perspectives and leverage our business and organizational experience to make

a.k.a. Speaking The “Business” Language