How it works?

Partner is, our investment model, is based on a partnership between an entrepreneur and investors that not only provides funding but the expertise to support the company to grow.

Its concepts allow the entrepreneur to have confidence that his business idea will be secure and allows the investor to safeguard his investment and chart a path to a profitable exit strategy.

Typically Entrepreneurs Wonder

  1. “Will we become minority shareholders in our own company “?
  2. “ Will the investors want to boss us around, or steal our idea”?

The Investors Wonder

  • “Will these people misuse our funds?
  • “Will they abandon the business when the going gets tough?
  • It’s a private company so I can’t sell my shares on the stock exchange. How do I ever cash out with my capital and profits when the business succeeds”?

Well suppose an organization, placed between the entrepreneurs and the investors, examines the business, develops with the entrepreneurs a viable growth strategy and investment structure that addresses all the concerns, invests its own money in the business before other investors because it believes in it and monitors it continuously till the investors have cashed out with their investment and profits.

That organization is Black Falcon. And that is precisely what we do.

Selection Criteria

  • We are interested in businesses run by people who are crazy about their idea.
  •   They have started and have some traction.
  • Some customers and sales.
  • An easy-to-understand unique selling point.
  • Growth plans that show how the funds required would leverage that USP and scale the business.
  • With at least 1 of the founders in it full-time.