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Venture Hacks

A treasure trove of information on venture capital, cap tables, vesting arrangements, option pools, and just about everything entrepreneurs should be aware of when attempting to get Angel financing for their businesses

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The Four Hour Work week

Real-world examples of how people have built multimillion-dollar businesses. Do you want to know how to gather 100,000 emails addresses for your marketing in 1 week? (’s-pre launcher-email)

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is like an online university. You can learn anything from elementary school to MSC level. For example, if you issue more shares in your company so you can raise additional capital, are the shares you had before worth less? Well here is the answer about stock dilution.

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Mike Volker Blog

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Simple explanations of complex business calculations

Startup Funding Explained

Startup Contracts

5 Things To Check Before You Sign

Business Model Canvas Explained

TED talks